About NoisyLeaf Games

Hello and welcome to our about us page! We are very grateful that you have taken enough of an interest to visit this page. If you have any questions or anything else we would love to hear from you.

In a nutshell?

We are a small indie game development studio made up of two developers. We decided to start up this company back in 2010 due to a shared passion in creating games and have been doing so in our spare time ever since.

We are very excited to be able to bring to you the games we have been working on and we hope that you have as much fun playing them as we did in their creation.

What do NoisyLeaf specialise in?

Across the time we have been working on game development we have made a wide range of games including:

These have been across both mobile and desktop. Lately we have been finding ourselves moving more towards to mobile platform, for us it has let us reach a wider audience with less of an entry barrier.

Why have you got so few games?

When we started in 2010 it was purely for fun, we did not intend to release any of our games and instead explored the possibilities at our fingertips, dabbling in many genres and learning from each.

After a while we started making games that we intended to release, the first of these were small and from there they iteratively increased in size and complexity. Leading us to where we are now, having served their purpose we removed those from the store and started work on our first real game Dungeons & Daggers.

Even indie games can take a long time to create and we both work full time as developers for other companies, working on our games in our free time. We really appreciate your patience, we don't currently have a mailing service but if you would like updates please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What do you use to make games?

There is no one right tool to help us make our games, for different games and different platforms we have used different tools. This has included:

We had a lot of fun using the frameworks building games from scratch but in general nowadays we use the game engines. Game engines save a lot of time and provide useful tools we wouldn't otherwise have had. Godot is a particular favorite of ours at the moment, it is an open source game engine that has gained a lot of traction recently. If you would like to dabble in game development yourself we would whole heartedly recommend Godot.

Where is NoisyLeaf based?

We are both originally from Reading (England), and indeed that is where the company was founded and run for the first few years. Since then we have both moved and while one of us now lives in Bristol and the other Oxford we have continued developing together.